Pistacia atlantica (Mt.Atlas Pistachio)(Courtesy of Ammar Khammash)

Growing Nature

Food security can be achieved only with work between the farmers and the rest of the spectrum of the community.  al-Hima helped to found “Slow Food Jordan” to connect farmers, chefs and consumers.  The Slow Food initiative is just one way we work to return the soul and glamour to our real food heritage, to return clean food to our tables, grown on our own land and soil.

al-Hima supports all the initiatives that seek to solve Jordan’s environmental problems.  Targeted work in local communities forms the basis for developing future plans and projects.  We are particularly focused on desertification processes to redress environmental decline.  Let us work together to rebuild green and clean landscapes throughout Jordan, to support public gardens, parks, forests, deserts and wadi systems.  

Ma'an, 1904 (courtesy of Baladiyyat Ma’an)

Sustaining People

“al-Hima” is you.  It is you who will help us build our activities and our projects.  We want you to pinpoint and existing problem in your region or community.  We will help you focus your energies and look for the support you need to build a working team and found your project.  Let's work together to solve problems and conserve our natural and human heritage.  al-Hima starts with you and  culminates in your successes. Let's celebrate life in the deserts and countryside, enjoy our old songs, our proverbs and our food-let's together launch a better future. 

Busayra iron age archaeological site, Tafila

Conserving Heritage

Support and conserve archaeological sites that have been registered on UNESCO'S International Heritage List, as well as other historically significant sites.  Enrich yourself and others by becoming aware of Jordan's rich cultural heritage